Thursday, 23 July 2009

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I write this blog on HISTORY OF PROPHETS since the times of Prophet Adam AS until the last prophet of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.Be writter with support paintings .This paintings can be owned by you and the book is more .If any questions can be contact me.Hopefully this blog is useful for you.
Sejarah 25 Nabi dan Rasul

1. Nabi Adam A.S

2. Nabi Idris A.S

3. Nabi Nuh A.S

4. Nabi Hud A.S

5. Nabi Shaleh A.S

6. Nabi Ibrahim A.S

7. Nabi Ismail A.S

8. Nabi Ishaq A.S

9. Nabi Luth A.S

10. Nabi Ya'qub A.S

11. Nabi Yusuf A.S

12. Nabi Zulkifli A.S

13. Nabi Syu'aib A.S

14. Nabi Musa A.S

15. Nabi Harun A.S

16. Nabi Daud A.S

17. Nabi Sulaiman A.S

18. Nabi Ilyas A.S

19. Nabi Ilyasa A.S

20. Nabi Ayyub A.S

21. Nabi Yunus A.S

22. Nabi Zakariya A.S

23. Nabi Yahya A.S

24. Nabi Isa A.S

25. Nabi Muhammad S.A.W