Sunday, 26 July 2009


Noah as GOD sent to the country of infidels and Armenia.Peoples always refuse them entry Islam.On that time the apostasy and crime is very, very, then Noah prayed to give it the punishment of a great flood to a height of a mountain (QS.Nuh: 26 -- 27). Noah was appointed as a messenger at age 450 years, and died at age 950 years old.Even hundreds of years preaching to Islam only 100 people of muslim entry.
Noah excess is:
1.High level in intelligence , courage, patience , communication.
2.High power resistance in the pain of peoples and their culture.
The story of Noah's Wisdom As. :
1.Dont talk sad before hard trying until the maximum limmited it.

01.PAINTING 1 : "NUH" SHIP AND BIG WATER by Yan-Jan.2009
The story of a prominent fragment in the history of Prophet Noah was when he was ordered by GOD to make a big ship in order to transport all living beings as followers of Prophet Noah when the flood disaster to bring BIG flood.ALLAH rage against some people who refuse to AL QURAN.One of all who is ungrateful son named Ka'an.

Painting 4 dimention : by mokhamad rusyanto (yan)
Tittle : Big ship and big water

Size : 2x2 m
Material : Paper un use with oil colour
Price 1 200X200 : 5000 $ US
Price 2 100X100 : 2000 $ US
Price 3 50x50 : 500 $ US

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